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Why is not available on Google play

Hey :) Uploaded the Android version file to itch. Google Play changed policies so I should rebuild the game which looks like a few days' adventure :)

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The game took forever to beat( I sat in my room for 2 hours trying to beat it) and it was a little bit too hard for me 

too repetitive, the first tip is to look at each email carefully, yet when you get an email with the same format you have a random chance to lose or gain subs, when you lose subs it says its the wrong choice yet i get another email with the same format and say no to it, then i lose subs again, is there something im not getting here?

i have 41805 subs in this game

I have 4k subs

no, only 4




the game is fun for the first couple of minutes, but after it awhile it becomes repetitive and annoying. maybe try giving the player a better indicator of what makes a great game, rather than just expecting them to know the publisher and genre of every game you wrote in? some customization of the "ha-tube"r would also be wonderful, though i get the feeling you probably don't care about this shitty game you made five years ago.

takes long ta load

i don't have any

Very cool. +1 Sub


I have eight subs

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once you get going, its WAY easier than this to earn money in real life. get some sponsors to advertise in your videos and merchandise.  the sponsor alone will gave you hundreds to thousands per video depending on how well you advertise them and how many views you usually get. fans on the other hand will buy tons of your stuff making merchandise very valuable too. only youtubers that dont know what their doing just use pure ad money (that makes up like a few percent of a smart youtubers income) and what youtube gives you for however many views your videos get (also only a few precent of a smart youtubers income) make this kind of crappy money. why does no one know this? not even most top youtubers (1000000+ subscribers)? in fact for this reason, demonetization doesnt matter as that only effects the income youtube and ads give you which is almost nothing compared to your total income as i explained earlier.  so put whatever you want in your videos. stop worrying about demonetization if your actually smart in how you make money off youtube.


deez nuts


great game and super fun

This was a great game i will recommend for other, Definitly will play again.


Come over to my Dashboard I have a bunch of collections and games in them!

When I heard Ham and Fax I immediately said yes. Sam and Max are too nostalgic to say no to..

D: I sold mah yoda costume


It's no fun for people who don't have every video game out there released and all who made it memorized. I saw Hack Life 2, which obviously sounds like Half Life 2. I don't know who made it, I don't know who all was on the team of people who made it. But I know of the game, so I figured it must be right. NOPE!

Meanwhile, I see games that ring no bells, with names or companies that ring no bells, so I decline and lose THOUSANDS.

It'd be so much more player friendly if you at least made the games sound remotely similar, or only made company names a letter off. I can't even do Google searches because I have no clue if these are real names or not. Bethesda I recognize, and I THOUGHT I recognized Capcom in there once, but apparently I was wrong again.

And why do I lose hundreds of subs for not playing a game? They shouldn't know I said no to it!


Ironic that we youtubers will be making let's plays playing this game lol. good game. waiting for more from u in the future

btw here is my video:


I noticed your game on and I'm really interested in it. As a YouTuber, I'd really like to make a video out of your game and if it is possible, can I?

Have a nice day!

^ . ^

dont know why you would ask, people already did it before and the developer seemed fine and dandy with it lmao

I ask because I have come across developers that don't want footage made of their games, so I always want to make sure that it's okay to make a video on their game.


if this is a trivia game, it needs to get its facts right. The game that is supposed to be resident evil nade me lose subs, but resident evil was a huge succes, right now everything points into random

It's not about whether or not the game itself was a success. Apparently you have to identify if it's a real game, with the correct name of the creator, and the correct genre. If ANY of it is wrong, you lose subs.

start game button doesnt appear


Didn't quite like it, sorry

omg is Theft 4 Fed basically Left 4 Dead? if so i love yall omgggg

Tip #1 of being a Let's Player: Make sure to tell your audience to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON INTO A BILLION BITS! Otherwise, they will forget and you will be sad.

Let's Play Simulator 2016, a game where you play games while making noises into the microphone and making a lot of money by virtually doing nothing! That's how YouTube works, right? This is an fun game that (accurately?) details what it's like to be a Let's Player! 

I tried it. It's cool but after a while it gets too repetitive. Either way it has fun references, and maybe if it was shorter or at least it had more things to do, it would be different.


Unfortunately I found this very, very repetitive. After a few in-game "days" I had to uninstall as I felt it was going nowhere.


Fun little game!  Give it a go!


Funny game for a Youtuber


Great game, we had a lot of fun playing this!


this game is garbage, only because once you get near 1,000,000, it always decreases your subscribers

Just played this and the browser version locked up/glitched out?

"peanuts enlargement." ^^




a real insite on youtubers!! XD


Did a playthrough of this game a while back now
but the game is super fun and cool and you should totally
play it for yourself! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!